Overview of Doctoral Research into Digital Transformation Mobilisation

The Problem

Successful Digital Transformation can deliver significant business outcomes, yet both transformation experience and research in radically transforming a business to deliver a new business strategy the majority of efforts fail and actually destroy shareholder value.

Although extensive research exists around the definition and implementation of strategy as separate activities, understanding how the mobilization phase (connecting strategy and implementation of that strategy) to effectively deliver business outcomes is extremely limited.

This Doctoral research project (Warwick Business School) focuses on understanding whether the mobilization phase is the critical driver of business results in digital (disruptive) transformation.

Research Approach

A “Delphi” study (a panel of experts) will be identified to define the critical components of mobilization which will be used to develop a “Mobilization Scorecard” with maturity measures for each component.  The scorecard will be applied at key intervals (startup, after 1 week, after 4 weeks etc) to a set of starting/ early stage digital transformation initiatives to measure progress of each against the scorecard categories. This data will then be analysed against the progress of the initiative after 6 months and 12 months to determine if initiatives that score highly initially on the Mobilisation Scorecard are more likely to achieve their defined target business outcomes (or are on the right track!)

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